Will your ski holiday be affordable this winter?

Yes, although you may need to be prepared for minor changes due to energy rationing or money-saving restrictions.

Will Your Ski Holiday be Affordable this winter
Most skiers remain determined to ski this winter, others are a little little unsure

Its difficult to believe that the UK once again finds itself in turmoil. Brexit, Covid, Putin, our Queen and now Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng! Have they made the most brilliant move or have they landed us in it? Who knows… Only time will tell. It is a worrying time for us all however it does seem like action will be taken quickly and stability will return before we know it. Whether this will be from Bank of England intervention or by some miracle their plan working, we can and will ski this winter!

There has been some unnecessary scaremongering regarding our longed-for skiing holiday though. So here’s some reassurance for you:

Will resorts be forced to close their slopes?

No. There are no plans to close slopes. There is though the potential that some secondary connector lifts (usually drags or chairs) will be reduced during low season dates. All areas and slopes will still be accessible.

Will ski pass prices rise?

This is a tricky one and if we’re honest, its probably inevitable that the price of your ski pass will increase. I think we all know it has to. Lifts cost a lot to operate and energy pricing increases are hitting everyone across Europe. We are all having to pay more but at least other countries have followed suit with the UK and provided realistic price caps both commercially and residentially. Lift pass offices will release their prices very soon. Perhaps understandably, some are keeping their cards close to their chests. We have every confidence that they will come good and find the perfect balance between cost and viable skiing.

Will ski holidays become more expensive?

This is I’m afraid inevitable. In all honesty, skiing holidays have for too long been too cheap. Pre-Brexit & Covid, it became a race to the bottom for some of the big boys – how can it be viable to sell a fully catered chalet holiday package inclusive of flights & transfers for £299? A skiing holiday does not have to be expensive if you don’t want to be. But let’s be realistic, you get what you pay for. A self-catered apartment in The Pyranees for £95 per person is not going to be luxury. A £2,500 fully catered chalet in Val d’Isere is! Choose your holiday wisely and find one to fit your budget. Be mindful of destination and dates. There is something for everyone at the right price.

Will spending in resort increase?

It is likely to, after all everyone is in the same boat here. It is only fair that we all take a slightly smaller slice of the pie. How much you spend whilst on holiday is absolutely up to you. We can only recommend that you consider mountain lunches, apres-ski sessions, luxury spa’s or expensive shopping. Although, let’s face it, a lot of this is what makes our skiing holidays isn’t it. Find the right balance for you.

Will skiers turn their back on the mountains?

No, we skiers are a tribe and we will not miss our annual ski trip “whatever the cost”. We do appreciate that times are worrying and the talk of interest rates and mortgage increases sounds daunting. Lets have faith though and trust that this will be put right quickly. Free your mind and switch off your news alerts, take a break from watching the news 24/7 and avoid reading scare-mongering social media articles. Instead, try to dream of the powder days ahead – there’s tonnes of snow forecast next week. The season is almost upon us.

Or perhaps think of it like this…

By heading off for a week or two skiing, you save a fortune by not paying the bills at home!


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