And becoming the Leaders in Ski

2023 marks our 20th year in the Ski Industry. Its been wonderful and, at times, a complete rollercoaster due to a mountain of obstacles put in our way. Not least Brexit & Covid. Fraser and I have used this time to pick apart our industry and determine where the pitfalls lie. We then pieced it all together again to bring you an informative & intuitive website which will make booking your next holiday easier than ever.

We have to admit that the ski industry is a little old fashioned. It needed to be brought into the modern age. Skiers are tired of being limited by choice. They are well & truly over the crack of dawn charter flights and cramped coaches. Catered chalet holidays are on the decline. They do though play a leading role in our portfolio and need to be booked earlier than ever. And all hail the rise of luxury apartments, privately-owned properties, incredible hotels and spectacular mountain homes. Including of course the surprisingly affordable budget stuff.

Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s)

Are popping up overnight. But do they actually offer what we need? Booking a ski holiday is complicated and more often than not, human help & reassurance is needed. That is why we have not only launched our incredible new live-price website, we have expanded our team of friendly Ski Experts to assist when required. We believe this unique hybrid approach is what sets us apart.

The keyword here is “Choice”

  1. Choose to be autonomous by booking everything at the touch of a button or,
  2. Speak to one of our Ski Experts and be supported through the process.

Remember that whichever option you choose, with our Best Price Guarantee, you are assured of securing your perfect holiday at the best available rate.

Other Add-ons

  • Equipment: A huge range of skis, boots & snowboards is available to book online. We’ve streamlined this to bring something for everyone.
  • Tickets: The all-important lift passes will be available in the autumn when prices are released and are bookable online.
  • Tuition: Is a very personal need, so we have kept this as a Concierge Service which is bookable through our friendly Aftersales Team.
  • Transfers: Are complicated! Therefore, for the moment, these will be available through our Concierge Service only. Early booking is paramount.

Both Fraser & I are so proud and excited to be the at the forefront of our industry. We feel we have been the brave ones to take on the minefield that is travel technology. It has not been easy; perhaps this is why no-one has tried before? Our user-friendly bespoke platform not only hosts our very own Powder White website, it also hosts programmes for multiple airlines and travel specialists both in and outside ski. If that’s not a nod to our success and an approval of our security, we don’t know what is!

Why not come along for the ride, experience something new and start researching your next ski holiday now. We’re here ready & waiting to get you on your way and to welcome you back on the slopes soon,

All the best