About Us

We’re Basically Addicted to Ski

Since its creation in 2003, Powder White has grown into the largest and most trusted ski specialist in the UK. We’ve worked hard to build a community with you in mind. Through efficiency, professionalism, transparency and innovation, we bring you the very best of ski across Europe and North America. By combining ground-breaking technology with experience beyond compare, we’ve curated a diverse and impressive state-of-the-art platform where you can bring your ski holiday together all in one place.

Our mountain loving Ski Experts are here to help. The process is easy and our website is super intuitive. Or simply give us a call – we won’t judge and we don’t bite! We all love skiing just as much as you do and with over 50 ski seasons between us, you can be assured of a great holiday, with superb organisation, patience, care & understanding.

And with these expertise comes knowledge so we have dedicated this blog to sharing our knowledge with you