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Many of you will have had the pleasure of speaking to our lively and energetic Sales Executive Victoria Morrison-Low. Her passion for ski is infectious and not one to miss out on a party or a few days on the slopes, we sent her off to The French Alps to experience Contactless Catering for herself:

Just before the borders closed to the UK, I was lucky enough to sneak out to France to sample the brand spanking new concept for this Winter’s ski-landscape – Contactless Catering. That’s right – Contactless Catering is fastly becoming known as ‘the new normal’ in the world of skiing

Due to the chaos of cancelled flights and other Covid related obstacles at the beginning of this season, we arrived far later than planned. However, this didn’t stop us from starting on the complimentary crisps and beers when we arrived at our chalet. Should we so wished, we could have had our full three-course meal – but this seemed a little excessive for 2am. 

After having missed all of the last season’s fun and games, we were more than up for the first lifts. There was an abundance of continental options to choose from, such as cereal, croissants, breads and so on. One of the best perks of contactless catering is the flexibility it gives you to eat wherever and whenever you want. So, with this in mind, we all made scrambled eggs and ate some afternoon tea muffins in the morning.

After a blissful day on the slopes – which included making the most of the fresh snow, the end of season like weather and, of course, the apres, we came back and tucked straight into the beers and sat promptly in front of the fire. We all decided to take it in turns to cook each course, whilst the rest of the group nibbled on pre-dinner snacks. We feasted on a scrumptious beef bourguignon and potato dauphinoise for the main course, which was surprisingly easy to prepare. It was a simple case of heating up the dish on the stove and popping the potatoes in the oven! We decided to let our main settle before tucking into dessert later in the evening. With the flexibility of contactless catering at our fingertips, we could enjoy it whenever we wanted – making my dessert the perfect midnight snack.

I like many people always loved the fully catered chalet experience – but, I must say, I have completely seen the light. Contactless Catering is definitely how I shall be enjoying my ski holidays from now on. Why rush back from Apres for dinner and completely missed out on afternoon tea when I can eat at my leisure? Did someone say afternoon tea cookies for breakfast? Yes, please!

Overall, the whole operation was incredibly smooth and simple – a perfect combination of a relaxing holiday and flexible catering. Genius!

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