Val Thorens Mountain Restaurants

Looking for Val Thorens mountain restaurants?

Feed your hunger with our Val Thorens mountain restaurants recommendations. We know that eating plays a big part of your ski holiday – after a long morning or day of skiing, there is nothing better than sitting down to a well-earned meal, whether that be a traditional French dish or simply a satisfying pizza.

We have put together a list of the restaurants that we think are worth paying a visit. If you are staying in one of the Hotels in Val Thorens which features an in-house restaurant, take some time to sample the delights on the mountains for a different experience and sample a wide range of food.

Chalet de la Marine

 +33 4 79 00 11 90
Chalet de la Marine

Situated close to Val Thorens on the Dalles piste, this restaurant offers diners the choice between a traditional restaurant and self-service bistro. The traditional restaurant serves gastronomic French cuisine as well as local specialities in cosy Savoyard chalet surroundings, complete with log fire.

The fabulous food can also be enjoyed on the terrace which provides exceptional panoramic views of the mountains. In the lower part of the chalet, you can enjoy the simpler but nonetheless good quality dishes that the self-service restaurant has to offer – the pizzas are well renowned!

Les Chalets du Thorens  

+33 4 79 00 02 8

Les Chalets du Thorens  

Les Chalets du Thorens is a friendly and welcoming restaurant perfectly located on the piste on the ski down to Val Thorens. They offer a broad selection of dishes including pizzas, Savoyard specialities, waffles, pasta, snacks and even sushi!

You can choose from the restaurant of the self-service area. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or for a long leisurely lunch.

Chalets des 2 Ours 

+33 4 79 01 14 09

Chalets des 2 Ours 

Located on the Blanchot run in the Boismint sectors. The restaurant has a beautiful sun terrace with excellent views, where you can bask in the sun whilst you enjoy your leisurely lunch or quick snack. It does tend to get rather busy on days when the sun is shining, so it is worth booking a table.

Chalets des 2 Lacs 

 +33 4 79 00 28 54

Chalets des 2 Lacs 

Known for a being one of the best slopeside restaurants in Val Thorens, Chalet des 2 Lacs is located at the top of the 2 Lacs chairlift, making it easily accessible to all levels of skier. It is a pretty chalet-style building with a huge sun terrace, which has panoramic views of the valley.

They serve excellent hearty cuisine in generous portions; their menu includes a selection of pizzas, steaks, tartiflette and fondues.

Chez Pepe Nicolas

+33 6 09 45 28 35

Chez Pepe Nicolas

We almost feel guilty for telling you about this one. But how could we not when it’s this good. A fantastic mix of the rustic and kitsch – don’t tell them we said that.

You’ll find the restaurants on the Red La Chasse run that joins the blue Boulevard Cumin, or you can get a minibus from the resort. (it’s heading toward Les Menuires from Val Thorens)

You can’t be disappointed in the incredible food or the friendly service – a real must-try for any special occasions (as well as for casual lunches)

Three cosy sections make up the interiors with the Dairy being full of (as you may guess) relics from the old dairy, complete with a milk bottle chandelier and coat rack pedestals.

Le Grange is covered in hay bales in the centre of the restaurant, a great spot for drinks and finally the newest addition in the Cave. Vaulted ceilings dug into the rock of the pastures. Cosy and intimate with soft lighting and wood-burning stove.


We hope you found The Best Val Thorens Mountain Restaurants post helpful. Discover the best ski runs, best places to stay and key information about Val Thorens Resort here.

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