The Best Meribel Apres Ski Bars

Meribel apres ski offers a varied and lively nightlife with loud pubs and popular nightclubs open until the early hours.

Après Ski in Meribel is centred around the British run bars with live music being the key feature making it a popular holiday destination. If you are staying in Meribel, be sure to make the most of the entertainment on offer. See our brief rundown of the best Apres Ski on offer in Meribel.

If you fancy bringing a little of Meribel’s famed apres ski home with you, then grab your very own shot ski and keep the apres spirit alive at home.

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Le Rond Point – Meribel Apres Ski

Le Rond Point - Meribel Apres Ski

The Rond Point is located above Meribel centre at the Rond Point des Pistes, and sits just of the piste below the Rhodos bubble lift.

This is a must visit venue, with a busy sun terrace and live music, famous throughout the ski world for its raucous dancing and partying.

The Rond Point becomes packed out during happy hour (especially Wednesdays), starting at 16:00 daily with live music and the infamous toffee vodka, which can be bought by the bottle.

The Ronny, as it is known in the resort, closes at 19:00 so enjoy the ski down!

La Folie Douce 

La Folie Douce
La Folie Douce

Just like its sister venues in Val d’Isere and Val Thorens, La Folie Douce brings its worldwide reputation of high altitude craziness to Meribel.

Compared to Le Rond Point it offers a more sophisticated style of Apres with its distinct style of Modern Jazzy Dance Beats and plenty of high tables to get up and dance on!

Attracting a highly international crowd as well, make sure you are prepared to be covered in champagne if it all kicks off!


The bes apres ski bars in Meribel - Jacks Bar 

Jack’s is popular with seasonnaires both in the afternoon and the evening, due to it being located near the main lift station (Chaudanne). Party on the terrace from 4pm, they have regular live music with house acts such as Hobo Chic and Max le Sax.

Their friendly staff and wide screen TV’s showing all the main sports matches, making it a popular bar.  Then there are the themed nights such as ‘Beat the Boss’ and ‘Stock Market’ where pints can be as low as 1 Euro. The homemade toffee vodka is a delight.

You might even catch a comedy night, featuring some of the UK’s leading comedians, which brings a new dimension to Meribels nightlife.


Evolutions has moved to EVO kitchen in Jacks Bar offering up Breakfast, lunch and dinner using the freshest, high-quality ingredients around. A passion for sustainable and seasonal ingredients from head chef Ross Clarkson.

They have 100% Arabica coffee, homemade smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails or Vin Chaud. Keep entertained with the free wifi and a large selection of board games to keep the family busy.

The Doron Pub

The Doron Pub
Meribel Apres Ski

Located just across from the La Taverne, the Doron Pub has a slightly relaxed atmosphere early on with extreme skiing DVDs and pool tables.

However, it is one of the largest and most popular pubs in Meribel, and gets pretty raucous between 22:00 – 01:30.

There is live music each night with either a local band or DJ, and they do have the odd themed party throughout the season such as their famous Beach party.


Formerly the infamous Dick’s Tea Bar, this is where you go if you want to party into the early hours of the morning.

Located just outside Meribel’s town centre, it offers everything you could want from a night out in the Alps, from internationally acclaimed DJ’s, to live music.

The venue has gone under dramatic improvements recently, from a brand new bar to the entertainment line up and cocktail list.

La Taverne

Meribel Apres Ski

The Tavern is one of the bars located in the main square of Meribel, a stone’s throw away from the piste.

The Tavern is the sister bar to Dick’s Tea Bar, and tends to get packed out early on as a result of selling the cheapest beer in resort during happy hour, 20:00 to 22:00 daily, with jugs of Amstel only €15.

La Taverne’s permanent events throughout the season include live music every Thursday from 22:00, DJ playing every Sunday and Wednesday as well as showing all the big sporting events on their big screen projector.


Late night dancing kicks off at Scott’s which is located just below the Doron Pub in the main square in Meribel. Scott’s has a cosy atmosphere, with big sofas to have a relaxing drink on before all the dancing begins. Every night between 21:00 –

Scott’s has a cosy atmosphere, with big sofas to have a relaxing drink on before all the dancing begins. Every night between 21:00 –

Every night between 21:00 -23:00pm they offer 2 for 1 cocktails as well as happy hour between 16:00-19:00, this is sure to get the evening in full swing.

Téléfondue in Meribel

Why not apres ski in a gondola? You can indulge in a delicious fondue and wine with 4 friends while taking in the breathtaking views of Meribel. introducing the TeleFondue Meribel.

It’s a three stage evening with a welcome drink at 19:30 in the giant Igloo with the ‘mountain spritz’ and ‘soup bar’ followed by the panoramic meal on the gondola between 20:00-22:30, you’ll lap the lift as you enjoy dinner. From 23:00 there’s an after party of sorts at the bottom of the slopes, where you can enjoy dessert and after dinner drinks.

Barometer Bar

Right in the middle of Meribel, Barometer has a pub like atmosphere. It’s a more relaxed apres option in Meribel with a large selection of wine.

Open from midday the food is an eclectic mix of British, Asian and local influences – plus the best pizzas in town. The music starts for the apres hours with great drinks deals every night such as the 2-4-1 on cocktails from 11pm till midnight.


meribel apres bars - l'abreuvoir

If you are looking for an alternative to the loud pubs and more of a ‘French option’ then the L’Abreuvoir is the place to go. Many of the hotels in this resort feature in-house bars, many with a sophisticated atmosphere.

It has now firmly established its reputation as being the most sophisticated French bar in town. Think gourmet coffees and homemade cakes. Though later in the evening the music does get cranked up but still a more relaxed place then the younger apres bars.

We hope you found The Best Meribel Apres Ski post helpful. If you’re looking further afield check out the best resorts for apres ski in France.