We All Have That One Ski Friend

We have all seen a handful of these people on the slopes, so where do your friends fit in? Here are 21 classic people you will see on the mountains.

 1. The friend who ‘THINKS’ goggle marks are cool


2. The snowboarder who scrapes all the snow away

3. The skier who only has snowboarder friends

i.imgur.com / Via @ChezRolez

4. The friend who only gets hand-me-downs

ski goggles
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5.The friend who prats around in lessons

6. That friend who can’t use T bar lifts

7. The friend who only cares about powder

warren smith
warren smith

8. The friend who isn’t that great at powder

powder day
i.imgur.com / Via @Gryffes

9. The friend who loses their ski in powder and then you all spend hours trying to find it and this person is yet to say thank you…

powder day

10. The friend who goes big or goes home… in an ambulance

11. The friend who loves his snow beard

snow beard

12. The friend who always loses a ski… or two

13. The friend who would rather spa than ski… on a SKI HOLIDAY

14. The friend who has to take photos every possible chance

Val Thorens
Val Thorens

15. But also the friend that takes the best photos

morning mountains

16. The friend who can’t stop falling over

17. The friend who loves to Apres Ski… from 11am


18. The early morning friend

19. The rad freestyle friend


20. The friend who gets excited over the unlimited chalet wine

21. And of course, the friends who love to ride together all day, every day.

ski friends
ski friends

Which number would you put your friends in?

Share it with them and show them how much you think of them when it comes to the mountains.

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