Top Tips on How to Cut Ski Holiday Costs

Hitting the cost of living crisis head-on

Resorts are introducing picnic sites for those looking to avoid expensive mountain restaurants at lunchtime.
Travel is still worth it, it really is

The UK’s soaring cost of living and the recent increase in household energy bills has slammed the breaks on consumer spending. According to recent data however, there has been a significant rise in travel spending. Airports may be encountering staffing shockers and yes, self-drive breaks are dropping due to the crazy cost of fuel. But the hunger for holidays is stronger than ever, especially given the restrictions faced over the last couple of Covid-ridden years.

Powder White Best Price Guarantee

Look for Best Price Guarantee

Shop around and ensure you pick an agent who will guarantee the price. Be on top of confusion with exchange rates and always pay for your holiday in the currency advertised. Commit to this price at the time of booking.

Don’t assume the price of travelling abroad has increased

Interestingly, the price of flights has actually decreased since 2019. In fact, the average price of a European flight this summer is just £92 compared to £182 in 2019.

Don’t pay to sit together on the plane

If you do, you’ll waste unnecessary cash. It turns out that 95% of short-haul passengers who didn’t pay extra said they were given seats together anyway. Albeit Ryanair is the most likely to split up passengers!

Pick accommodation that offers value for money

Cheap does not necessarily mean value. Sometimes it’s worth paying that little bit more for a good night’s sleep. Especially if you intend to hit the slopes hard.

Visit a lesser-known location

Consider going a little off-piste with your resort choice. They all have so much to offer and you never know, an off the beaten track location might just have you hooked for life. Big doesn’t always mean better.

Do your homework and book in advance

Book travel in advance

Increased demand in recent months means the later customers book, they more they’ll pay. So if you’re planning to travel at a peak time, it’s especially important that you book well in advance.

Pay in local currency and use the right card

Travellers should always pay in the local currency to avoid being hit with worse exchange rates. Check to see if your bank charges a fee to use cards abroad. More expensive cards add a fixed fee which can be around £1.50 or 2.95% per transaction on debit card payments and cash withdrawals.

Remember: last-minute doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper

Booking at the last minute can work out if travellers are open-minded about their location. If you have a particular place in mind, book in advance. This way, you won’t be left with less choice, higher rates & less flexibility when it comes to cancellation policies.

And finally…

  • Fill accommodation & resort transfers to maximum occupancy
  • Refrain from choosing the most expensive ski hire
  • Consider a single area ski pass
  • Enjoy packed lunches on the slopes – resorts are starting to cater for this with specified picnic spots
  • Cook for yourselves in the evening and the enjoy local restaurants a couple of times rather than every night
  • Don’t stay at apres-ski too long – the more you drink, the more you spend!
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