Top 5 Heated Ski Clothing Gadgets

Are you looking to stay warm this season? I mean, there is nothing worse than getting cold on the mountains.

With the cold Winter bearing down on us at home and the prospect of encountering more extreme weather conditions on our ski holiday, my thoughts turned to keeping warm with heated gadgets like clothing from gloves to undergarments.

So, after a bit of research I thought it would be great to put together my essential Top 5 list of heated clothing gadgets to keep you warm this Winter.

Top 5 Heated Clothing

  1. Heated Gloves – £4.69 –
  2. Heated Insoles – £12.00 –
  3. Heated Socks – £16.49 –
  4. Heated Vest – £20.00 –
  5. Heated Bag – £14.99 –

Heated Gloves

Heated Gloves

Starting with the most essential item, heated gloves are an absolute must with our limbs succumbing to the cold first. The cheapest heated gloves we found were at at only £4.69. The gloves are only available in black at the time of writing and bear the Thinsulate mark. The gloves are battery operated via a ‘D’ size battery concealed in a pouch on each glove. However I could not help but feel that carrying 2 x D sized batteries on each hand is not exactly convenient. If you are willing to spend more money on heated clothing, you can pick up a pair of Lithium rechargeable heated gloves from from £74.99. Each glove has a heating time of 1.5 to 6 hours and evenly distributes heat around the glove. An LCD indicator displays how much charge is left so you can ensure you don’t get caught in the cold. As one would expect at this price, the gloves incorporate 3M’s Thinsulate technology for extra warmth.

Heated Boots or Socks?

Heated Socks

Our feet are also vulnerable to extreme cold but there are a range of products to help keep our feet warm. Heated ski boots can be picked up from £100 upwards, however, many people already own ski boots or will be hiring them on their holiday, so would you want to spend that much extra money? Heated insoles are a good choice as you can use them year around even when not skiing. Although they usually come in one size, they can be trimmed to your foot size and costs from only £12 from Maplin, Amazon & more. In my mind though, I think heated socks are more convenient as they can easily be transferred to other footwear. Buying heated socks can be confusing so don’t get mixed up with heat holding socks. Battery operated heated socks start from around and can be picked up from the usual outlets such as Amazon, Primrose or specialist shops. I found the following pair on Amazon for £21.99 featuring an integrated battery holder and claims it warms up to 39 degrees.


Heated Apparel

Heated Vest

There are many types of heated clothing from jackets, trousers to undergarments to choose from. It was hard to choose an item for our top 5 list but we had to keep in mind price and convenience. In that case we went for the heated Fleece from Maplin at only £19.99. Not only was it low cost but a vest is more convenient as it can be worn with other clothing and remains somewhat discreet. This means you can wear your heated vest on the slopes or while bar hopping in the evening.   Worth a Mention Heated Cushion

OK, so we know we can get a wide variety of heated clothing, but what else is there? The following came to mind when getting in to a friend’s car on a frosty morning with leather seats…. COLD!!! Then I came across heated cushions, great at home or on holiday. Imagine anywhere where you need to sit, having a warm cushion under you to keep you toasty. So if you are hanging out on the balcony, the cold wooden seats at the resort bar, a stadium, in the car or anywhere else you can think of, this cushion is your best friend. Got a bad back? Put it behind you when sitting! The rechargeable heated cushion can be charged via standard wall socket or by the 12v socket in your car. I found a cushion manufactured by however a price could not be found. However a heated cushion (with foot pockets?) was found quite cheaply at for only £14.99

Don’t forget to see our Guide to Winter Clothing to help you keep warm all over.

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