Top 5 Epics Ski Fails

Welcome to the Top 5 Epics Ski Fails!

The perfect way to procrastinate from work…

We have all had a big blow out or two during our service to the mountain, but we must remember, the mountain will always win.It is a matter of respect to the mountain, not to challenge it.

Many people have challenged themselves to see what level of awesomeness they can reach on the footage.Maybe they thought they could end up getting sponsored by Red Bull or maybe just to show off on Facebook to their friends.

Whatever the reason, it has made incredible footage for us (sensible people) to enjoy. Here are our Top 5 Epics Ski Fails

Kicking off at number 5…

3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF!

Going big at number 4…

There is always one friend in a group who has to send it to the next level… Respect the send!

Learning lessons at number 3…

There is a serious message to learn here… Don’t let your children (or yourself) loose in the park and KEEP CLEAR of all landings. #respectparkrules

Slipping down at number 2…

We all love a perfectly groomed untouched piste in the morning. It’s what we live for during those weeks in the mountains.

Just make sure your din settings are done correctly or you could be up sliding 1200m with no skies.

Coming in hard at NUMBER #1…

How many Tomahawks can you count?

There you have it! Our top 5 Epic Ski Fails. We would like to thank Jerry of the Day who shares and capture those moments online.

To finish up your procrastinating from working… Here is the best Jerry of the Day moments from last season 2016/17.


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