Ski Bug Hits The Alps!


Ski Addiction

People all over the world have been infected by a highly contagious winter bug developed from the environment of the mountain.

We have noticed our guests coming back from their holiday with the following symptoms… Read below to see if you have the ski bug.

Be warned. These images may cause you to smile and a butterfly sensation in the lower gut…

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Nearly all will become addicted to the white stuff. Click, to read where the best powder spots in the Alps are.

Image result for val d'isere powder skiing
Val d’Isere
Related image
St Anton
Related image
St Anton

2. Screaming

You can hear those who have become highly addicted to the snow.

CAUTION! You may find the sound coming from this individual (Léo Taillefer) very unusual to normal working life.

3. Relaxation

After a day of screaming, they return to their accommodation and their bodies hit a state of relaxation… for some reason.

Chalet Amanjena, Powder White
Chalet Amanjena, Powder White
Le Hameau- Val Thorens
Le Hameau- Val Thorens
Powder White Chalets St Anton
Chalet Mario, Powder White

4. Overindulgence

During their state of relaxation, everyone overindulges in food and beverages (wine being the biggest factor).

Chalet host – St Anton
Afternoon tea, chocolate cake @marinabealby
arpasson meribel powder white
Mountain Lunches

5. Hypnotise

These views, in particular, can become highly hypnotising. Morning, day and night!

Tremblant Canada
Tremblant Canada
Aspen ,USA
Aspen ,USA

7. Jaw lock

Their jaws lock up and stay in this position all week. However, when they return to the working environment, it dramatically reverses 🙁


Tristan Shu, Tignes

C.Cattin, Val Thorens
C.Cattin, Val Thorens

8. Boredom

This is a huge problem for anyone who can’t ski or snowboard.

Snow Tubing at Adventure Ridge
Snow Tubing at Adventure Ridge, Vail
Husky Ride, Val d’Isere
Air Gun Range, Val d’Isere

Even for the poor children


9. Losing Sense of Direction

Individuals will hike to discover steeper and deeper conditions. We are still unable to explain this behaviour…

Powder White Chamonix

10. Repeated addition

At Powder White, we see a high repetition of previous and new guests going to the alps. This is when we know if you have the ski bug!


Symptoms can identify once the individual has booked a ski holiday but more so when they get a discounted offer

If you would like more assistance or accommodation advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our holiday experts or simply search our website below!