Ski 20/21 – Are You Confused?

Ski 20/21 - Are you Confused?
Ski 2020/21 - Are you Confused?

December – Ordinarily the time of year when we in the ski industry would be bringing together all the hard work put in over the summer and getting our resorts’ operation ready for launch. Staff training would be completed. There would be chaos abound but deliveries would, by some miracle, be arriving. We would be ready. As we have always been…

How sad then that the start of this season is like no other and we’re left in this state of limbo and confusion. The questions we’ve all be asking for months now. And for those of us invested in this wonderful industry of ours, the biggest question of all… Is the Ski Industry going to survive?

The answer is Yes. A big fat YES! Times have been testing – that is an understatement. But the light at the end of the tunnel is finally starting to appear. Guttingly its too late for some – those ski operators who had amazing chalet programmes, incredible reputations and who had been offering fantastic holidays for many years. Did they deserve this? No. No they didn’t.

It seems though that the industry will somehow come through this – Brexit and Covid-19 has formed the perfect storm and now with uncertainty from national leaders, the barriers feel insurmountable. They are though starting to fall one by one and with each day, we overcome another hurdle and get a little closer to the finish line – in the lead!

Details are still sketchy, but what we can say is that:

  • The resorts are ready.
  • The snow is falling.
  • The lifts will be open.
  • Resorts are adapting.
  • Resorts are diversifying.
  • Restaurants & Bars will be open.
  • There will be Apres-Ski (perhaps not quite as we know it)
  • Safety measures are second to none.
  • And they’re looking forward to welcoming us all!

Will We be Able to Ski?

Yes, we’re just going to have to wait a little longer.

When Can We Ski?

January 2021.

Where Can We Ski?

The trickiest question of all! Based on info received, our gut feeling is:

  • France – from 20th/21st January 2021
  • Austria – from 7th January 2021 (might be optimistic!)
  • Switzerland – certain areas open now but details are sketchy. Some weekend and limited areas and lifts open
  • Italy – 20th/21st January 2021
  • Canada & North America – 30th/31st January 2021

Hang in there everyone – there is definitely good news ahead. We will ski. We will return to the sport we all love so much and we will get through this. Today, 2nd December 2020 is a good day. The Vaccine is being rolled out and there’s hope. Let’s hold onto that hope and start to dream of those epic powder days that only a few of us have managed to master, but which most of us still try our hardest at to the point of exhaustion, solved by a wonderful apres-ski session with a gluhwein and toffee vodka – or two!

And remember…

“A Bad Day on the Slopes is Better Than a Good Day in The Office.”

See you on the slopes soon I hope!


Claire Freeland, Director

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