Getting Cold Feet When Skiing?

Fear not, my Top 5 Solutions To Stop Cold Feet When Skiing post is here to help you! I mean, we all head to the mountains for one key reason; to ski and snowboard as much as we can right? There is nothing worse than having to stop what you love doing because your toes are numb from the cold.


So, here are my 5 Top Tips for you this season;

1. Ski Socks

Cold Feet When Skiing

These days you can buy ski socks easily from many online stores for all budgets. Don’t try and cut corners by using football, hiking or just thick socks. Ski socks are specially designed and padded in specific areas to make your skiing experience comfortable and warm.

Ski socks allow your feet to breath, so they don’t get wet and cold. They should be made from wool, bamboo or mixed with an artificial fibre and never wear two pairs, thinking you will keep your feet warmer. This will hamper your skiing and make your boots tighter and more uncomfortable.

I prefer lightweight socks to keep my feet from sweating on the slopes and I have never had problems as I use to with cheap thick socks. However, if you know you have bad blood circulation to your feet, I would recommend quality heavyweight socks. With thicker padding, they offer a much more comfort-oriented fit than lightweight or mid-weight socks. This makes them ideal for beginners or recreational skiers and snowboarders.

If you are looking for a pair of good quality socks this season, check out Absolute Snow

2. Boot Heaters

If you already have heavyweight socks and still getting cold feet, it’s time for plan B.

These days you can now pick up boot heaters without having to take out a second mortgage. They’re also more reliable then they used to be, too. The three leading brands are Therm-ic, Sidas and Hotronics, and all come complete with rechargeable batteries you clip onto the outside of your ski boots.

I don’t use these myself but a good friend uses The Conform’able Volcano Thermic (in the photo) from Sidas, available at Snow+Rock and he swears by them. I mean, this is someone who gets cold when opening the freezer. His top tips to save battery juice, so they last the full day is not to turn them on the highest setting and turn them off at lunch. They do last all day, but these tips will make sure of it.

3. Heated Socks

Cold Feet When Skiing

For a cheaper option from the boot heaters, I would recommend heated socks. I have a pair of Warmawear socks for those -10+ days (£35). These soft and cosy socks feature an advanced alloy fibre heating element, which gently warms my toes. They have three heat settings so that you can choose your ideal temperature, and will provide warmth for up to five hours but If you have it on the lower settings, it will last all day.

If you want more advanced socks, check out Therm-ic PowerSock Set IC 1200 (I mean the name says it all) but they do come at a cost (£165). They will offer more flexibility and mobility than the Warmawear ones I have, but they are a fraction of the price.

4. Boot Dryer

It is essential to dry your boots out overnight ready for your next adventure on the slopes. If you are lucky enough to have a boot dryer in your chalets or apartment lucky you and make the most of it! If you don’t, just remove the liners and sit them next to or under (but never on) the radiator. View the video below which shows how easy it is to remove your liner.


5. Hotdryer Bag

Well I never… I didn’t even realise these bags existed!

You can get a light boot warming bag that comes with a hotdryer, which you can use in the car or in the chalet. To use it you plug in the hotdryer, and two blowers automatically puff hot air into the bottom of your boots. Details from Sidas Sport.

Cold Feet When Skiing? Is no more!

I hope you found this post helpful, you may also find our Guide to Winter Clothing useful also. If you have any questions on accommodation for this season, please get in touch, and we will do all the hard work for you.



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