The 3 Commandments For First Time Skiers…

Are You First-Time Skiers? Here Are 3 Things You Must Know.

First time skiers

First Time Skiers. If you’re counting down the days or weeks to a ski break, we have just the blog post for you.

In and amongst the packing and making sure you have all the right insurances set up – cover against mishaps on the snow is vital if you’re hitting the slopes – you’re probably glad of a few more helpful hints when it comes to things to remember.

Have you got your ski gear? It is a little expensive, I know but It does get cheaper the more times you go.

If you want to look the part without forking out £££ on a ski gear, why not borrow the top brands? This is what Ski Smart offer, have a look at what you can borrow.

Also, stock up on a good quality lip balm to keep chapped lips at bay during your break, but what else do you need to know before you jet off?

Here, we bring you three key tips to help ensure your ski trip is one of your most memorable holidays yet:

  1. Stock Up on Socks

Ski Socks

When it’s time to put your best foot (or rather, feet) forward, it’s also time to raid your sock drawer and put forward your very best socks, too!

The fact is, we bet you’ve thought about everything from that aforementioned ski jackets to boots and even protective face cream and SPF, yet neglected to pack enough of one of the most important items: properly-fitting socks.

Keeping your feet warm when you’ll appreciate it most, good socks – don’t pick a pair that is too thick or you’ll lose circulation and your feet will be cold – will be an absolute lifesaver when you’re away.

Make sure you can wiggle your toes before you head out to the slopes; your socks should be warm but not too restricting.

Top Tip

Pop a couple of pairs of socks in your jacket pocket for your very first outing on the slopes – a thin pair and a medium-thick pair – as you can then choose the pair which fit best, based on how your boots feel.

If you are only going on a one of occasion, I would advise looking at Decathlon for socks. Good value for money.

 ski socks

However, If you know you will be going multiple times, spend a bit more and you will be amazed how long the socks can last. I still have my socks from 6 years ago and they are still going strong today… and I walk my dog in them.

       2. Listen to the Instructor

Warren Smith – Verbier

This one goes without saying, but it’s surprising how many people ignore the advice of their instructor – or worse still, just don’t pay attention to what he or she is saying in the first place – and instead just do their own thing on the slope.

A ski slope is no time to be careless, though. While you’re going away to ultimately have a good time if you don’t take the advice of those in the know, you’re likely to land in the wrong way should you have a fall, or even struggle to get yourself back up following a slip.

Fast Slopes

On fast slopes, it really is worth knowing how to quickly – and safely – get back on your feet; this will ensure you’re well out of the way of passing skiers and you’re not putting yourself or your family in danger.

Avoriaz ski
Avoriaz ski

If you’re brand new to the slopes, take it easy and start on one of the smaller inclines to begin with.

If you can, ask a family member or friend who knows what they’re doing to give you a lesson in advance – either while you’re away or on a dry ski slope – so you’re feeling ready to tackle the trip with confidence.

Our Recommendations

We highly recommend using any of the following trusted ski schools in the following resorts:

       3. Find a Chalet

skye, Val d’Isere

If you’re a first-time skier, you might think you can save money by booking a self-catering apartment. We have a great range of deals to help you save money on your first trip, take a look at some of the beautiful chalets available online.

Saving you the nightly hassle of preparing your evening meals, chalets are often found on ski resorts which have their own bars and restaurants to keep food preparation time to a minimum and socialising time to a maximum.

Many ski resorts also offer a fully catered experience, which means all you’ll need to do is turn up and get ready to enjoy one of your best holidays yet.

How we can help you!

At powder White we can help you book your:

  • Flights (we will find you the best deal)
  • Transfers (free Airport transfer, depending on the resort)
  • Lessons (1 less job to worry about)
  • Ski passes (ready on your arrival)
  • And this is just to name a few…

It is our aim to make your holiday as relaxing and easy as possible. For first timers and regular customers.

Powder White Chalets
Powder White Chalets

If you would like more assistance or accommodation advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our holiday experts or search below.