Learn to 360 on skis & snowboard

Want to know how to do a 360 on Skis or snowboard? It is not as difficult as you think. If you are an intermediate skier and boarder, you may feel it’s time to learn a few more skills & tricks so let us describe how to do a 360.

Of course put safety first and ensure you have the correct safety gear on and that the slopes are clear of other skiers. Please wear a helmet and snowboards you could wear wrist guards to prevent any wrist injuries.

360 on Skis

So, I know exactly how you feel when approaching the jump for the first time. It is scary because you are worried about falling over, making a fool of yourself and maybe even breaking a bone.

Now, REMOVE those negative thoughts and you will find your confidence. Follow the simple steps below and you will succeed. I followed these tips and well… have a look for yourself.

On approaching the jump, try to relax, but focus on what you are trying to achieve.

• Just before the jump, bring your hands down and back, the further you bring them back the further you can through them forward for more spin!

• Squat down, your legs acting as springs ready to launch yourself.

• Many of people will find the easiest way turn is to their left. When the tip of your binding is about to go off the jump, push down with your legs, spin your upper body in the direction you want to spin the trick and look over your shoulder.

• Keep on spinning with your head fixed in the direction and try to you are spinning and relax.

• Once you find yourself coming around, pull your arms in and turn your head to fix the landing and focus on it.

• Whip your legs around and bring them to a shoulder width apart so you are stable.

• Try to maintain your weight going forward for a smooth landing

This video below will give you a better idea on how to do it. It all really comes down to confidence and excepting the fact that you will fall over.

Once you have expected it, you will be more confident and once you get the first 360 down… you will wonder what all the fuss is about. 540 next?

360 on Snowboard

Here are some top tips to get you confident and popping a clean 360.

Jumping – Build your confidence with your jumping before attempting the jumps. I suggest small lips on open runs or little jumps in the terrain park.

Approach the jump with a flat bottom (not carving the edges) and load your body as if preparing to jump.Once you reach the top of the kicker, pop your board by lifting and pushing off your front foot and then pushing off with your back foot to get into the air.

Maintain a stable body and stomp the landing by pressing both feet into the snow with your knees bent. Practice this first and then move on to the next steps.

Spinning – Approach the jump, keeping enough speed so that you can clear the jump… this is important as it is much harder to land on a flat. It might seem scarier going faster, but it makes it much easier to land.

Then spin a full 360 degrees.Before you reach the top of the jump, you want to load your body to pop and spin at the same time. Do this by loading your shoulders slightly in the opposite direction of the way you want to spin, all while bending your knees in preparation to pop.

Make sure that as you load up for take off you don’t start your spin before your board leaves the snow. Rather, get low and comfortable with your arms and head, ready to throw confidently in the direction you’re attempting to spin.

Take off- When you reach the top of the lip, pop on your board and this time turn your head and rotate your arms and shoulders in the direction you want to spin (I prefer to left spin).

Try and keep your head, arm’s and shoulder horizontal to make sure your spin is flat and not off axis. Do not worry so much about your hips as rotating your upper body. If your head is turning, your shoulders and body will follow.

Landing – This is important to pinpoint your landing with your eyes so you are ready for the landing.

As you come down, make any adjustments with your hips to straighten your board, and just like when you landed your first jump, stomp the board into the snow and reduce impact by bending your knees.


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